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Best things to do in Paga, Flores

Less visited Paga, located between Ende and Maumere, is a quiet fishermen and farmers town, offering wild beaches along its coast and charming traditional villages inland. It’s a good base camp to explore its surroundings. You can rent a scooter and go around for the day; I’ll guarantee you’ll be pleased as Flores is just starting with tourism, things are easy and well organized and at the same time, is still less frequented than some other Indonesian’s Islands. Flores is just a beautiful island that has a lot to offer to nature lovers and authentic experience seekers.

You can also do this as a day trip from Maumere.

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Here is what to do in and around Paga, Flores:

Hike to Nuabari Village

Nuabari Village is home to some impressive megalithic tombstones, it’s definitively off most tourists road, and they’re missing on something. The stones are scattered around the small village, located on a hill, bonus: you’ll get a splendid view from up there. The way up the village is also amazing; you can hike but also drive there. The village is not on any maps so you’ll have to ask the locals, once you’re on the right road it gets easier.

People there are trying to preserve their traditions, and you’ll be able to see fresh graves among the old ones and also traditional houses. You’ll have to make a donation, the village’s chief will guide you around, bring a translator because he doesn’t speak English. At the end of the tour, you’ll be offered a cup of tea.

I liked this village because contrary to some other they don’t push you to buy anything, there’s nothing to be sold anyway, and they just go on with their life. You don’t get the feeling that they’re waiting for tourists.

Enjoy one of the beautiful beaches

Koka beach, flores, Indonesia
Koka Beach

There are some amazing beaches on this coast, going further north, you’ll see impressive and deserted black sand beaches. Nearer to Paga, you can go to Koka beach (or Coca), this one is more frequented, there are some bungalows if you want to stay there and some beach huts were they sell drinks and simple food. The landscape is beautiful with cliffs and big rocks. The entrance fee is 20k.

Close to Koka beach is Naga Beach, really nice for swimming, the sand is white, and it’s quieter.

Explore Sika and Lela villages

Portuguese Church, Sikka, Flores, Indonesia
Portuguese church in Sikka

Sika and Lela are charming traditional villages, the sights along the road marvelous. Take a look around and watch the amazing beaches and cute traditional houses. People are really welcoming, during the day, they are usually working so you won’t see a lot of villagers, especially in Lela.

The cemertery behind the church, Sikka, Flores, Indonesia

In Sikka, there’s an impressive old Portuguese church you can visit; you’ll have to find someone to open it for you. At the entrance, many women will be waiting for you to sell their ikat, it’s pretty annoying. They will also offer you to show you their weaving technique, decline; you’ll have to pay for it, you will have other opportunities to see it in Flores and for free.

Climb to Jesus’ statue in Wolowona

Viewpoint Wolowona, Flores, Indonesia

It’s an easy hike up this small hill (about 5 minutes), from there you’ll get a stunning view of the bay.

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