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When backpacking, what you pack is very important, even more, if you’re leaving for a long trip. You need to pack everything you might need, according to the climate and activities you might do, while trying to have a backpack as light as possible. Shoes are often one of the hardest parts because one pair that would fit every situation doesn’t exist.

I, personally, love being in flip flops, but it’s not the best option in colder destinations or if you intend to trek. A pair of sneaker is essential, but unfortunately, it’s not something you always want to be wearing especially in warm weather, and it’s also something that takes up a lot of space in your luggage.

A while back, I discovered VivoBarefoot and their incredible sneakers you can roll up like socks. They are super comfortable, lightweight, and they take almost no space. Best of all, they look good and last long. You can choose from different looks, both for men and women.

Vivobarefoot is an eco-friendly company; they use recycled plastic and natural materials. Most of their shoes are vegan. Their goal is to have zero impact on the environment while making shoes that follow the natural movement of the foot. More than eco-friendly, their shoes are super comfortable, breathable, and light-weighted.

They use a patented, extra-thin sole, five times more resistant than other soles. They offer a wide variety of shoes, adapted to every terrain and situation depending on what you are looking for. All of them can be rolled up and take almost no space.

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Here are some of my favorite for women:

Kanna II

This model is the basic one, also available in blue. They go with everything and they’re perfect for the city as well as for light trekking.

Shop here

Magna Trail

The Magna Trail are great if you trek or hike a lot. They’re good for any weather (removable thermal insole), are waterproof and have an ankle sock to keep out insects and dirt from entering.

Shop here.

Check out the full woman collection here, they also make sandals, water shoes, and more.

For men:

Primus Trail FG

Basic shoes, super comfortable, great for trekking, and everyday use, materials that dry fast. Nonslippery, firm-ground sole.

Shop here.

Magna Trail Nylon

Similar to the one for women, the Magna Trail are great if you trek or hike a lot. Adapted to any type of terrains and any weather, these hiking shoes are ultra-breathable and light-weighted.

Shop here.

Check out their full collection for men here.

What about you? What are your favorite shoes for traveling?

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Best shoes for travelers
Best shoes for traveling

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